About Me


 Sara Foryame is a visual artist who uses imagery, sound and video to explore themes such as identity representation and social politics in particular focus on matters of gender roles, culture and faith. As Sara often 'appears' in her work through the people she photographs, she explores the relationship between gender and identity. Currently, she is working on projects that explore themes of growth in areas of personal spirituality and also the relationship between self and land.


Sara is an independent curator with a special interest in minority artists in the gallery space as well as how art can influence dialogue between different communities. She aims to diversify the gallery space and mostly works with emerging artists.

Sara is currently the Head of Projects at Reconnecting Arts, an artist led platform that aims to support emerging Arab artists. 


For enquiries regarding Curating, Consulting or Works please contact: SaraForyame@gmail.com 

Currently based in Qatar.

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