A scarf on one’s neck or handbag has never caused so much controversy than the scarf on one’s head. The scarf has become viciously loaded in the media, anchored and reduced to a few words that are regurgitated each time a story is aired. The piece cloth is assigned political and cultural contexts but what we are looking at, at the end of the day is a piece of cloth, threaded and woven together into a form with multiple meanings. The project explores how the media sculpts, prods and squeezes the depiction of Muslim women and their scarf that means so many different things to each individual. While the hijab-scarf is constantly discussed, the Muslim woman becomes an object, thus dying in the hands of the media. Her dreams, accomplishments and role within society is killed. I remove the woman from the image, making no room for assumptions, and ask the viewer what do you see now?

The video depicts The Death of a Muslim woman, where only her scarf remains as evidence of her existence.

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