Sara Foryame is an Independent art curator and project manager who works with Arab and Muslim communities in the UK and Qatar, fostering cross-cultural dialogue and community engagement within galleries, museums and cultural institutions. She aims to diversify the gallery space and mostly works with emerging artists. Sara was the founder of Reconnecting Arts a platform that supports emerging Arab artists and facilitates cross-cultural dialogue through exhibitions, publications and workshops successfully supporting over 80 artists within one year of launching.  

For the last two years, through educational and participatory methods in the UK, she has been focusing on how to create an inclusive space for the Muslim / Arab community through small and large-scale exhibitions. 

Sara is also a visual artist who uses imagery, sound and video to explore themes such as identity representation, in particular focus to the exploration of home and land, the concept of growth within religion and gender roles within culture and politics.

She is currently based in Doha, Qatar.

If you are looking for an exhibition to be curated or managed, please send a proposal. Sara also designs publications and business proposals, get in touch with a brief insight to your idea.

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