Brighton Photo Fringe Exhibition.

Brighton Photo Fringe 2016 chose Reconnecting Arts out of hundreds of submissions to showcase a collective of 8 lens based artists from the Middle East and Diaspora. 

While all the artists used a photographic method, the way in which each artist had approached the medium was experimental and questioned the way in which the medium was used. 

Film Screenings

The surge of new platforms available to local up-and-coming talent has helped realise a diverse range of stories in recent years. From these stories a new class of dynamic homegrown filmmakers has emerged. Two screenings took place, one at P21 Gallery and another at SOAS University (Arabic SOAS Club) featuring 5 films by Qatari filmmakers. A Q&A took place.


Sara invites emerging artists to host workshops that can give them the essential starting skills and confidence in being able to provide a service for the community. Islamic Illumination Workshops, Arabic Embroidery Workshops and children's workshops have taken place to date, particularly engaging the Muslim and Arab community allowing for discussion.

Previous Partners

Arts Council UK

Qatar Museums

P21 Gallery

Menier Gallery

Brighton Photo Fringe

Doha Film Institute

Embassy of the State of Qatar

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival

University of Central Lancashire - Hanover Gallery

Katara Art Centre

Youth Hobbies Centre

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